The Community Festival is an incredibly exciting and day-filled event full of family games, activities, and food! Thousands come to enjoy this free event that has a performance stages featuring local rock bands, show choirs, drum lines, baile folklorico, and various local talents. Vendors showcasing every type of ethnic food, desserts, businesses of all kinds, to carnival-like game booths, surround the festival.

The Community Festival will take place after the Band Review at Ingram Plaza, located at 2629 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106, from 12:00 P.M. to 4:00 P.M.



12:00 PM  Xingjian Dance Studio
12:20 PM  Ballet Folklorico El Tapatío and De San Dieguito
1:15 PM  Dance Arts Center
1:45 PM  Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy
2:15 PM  The Wild Californians
2:40 PM  The Fluorescent Grizzlies
3:05 PM  The Week Before
3:30 PM  Fearfully Made


Ballet Folklorico El Tapatío and De San Dieguito

The mission of Ballet Folklorico El Tapatio and De San Dieguito is to promote the traditional dances and culture of Mexico with passion and love. The group’s goal is to create a joyful and colorful experience during our performances to the delight of our audience!



Dance Arts Center

Dance Arts Center is home to children, teens and adults aspiring to be professionals and those who simply wants to gain knowledge of the performing arts and benefit from the social, moral, mental and physical aspects of dance.





Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy

Neisha’s Dance & Music Academy has built a reputation of excellence in arts education for over 20 years! Equal attention for every student, positive classrooms, beautiful facilities, and numerous performing opportunities are all part of their recipe for success.

NDMA is proud to provide fun. healthy, positive programming that goes beyond dance technique and poise to develop important life skills-learning to be confident, respectful, and conscientious young people! The schools motto is “Encouraging Kids to Lead Inspired Lives!”


Xingjian Dance Studio

Xingjian Dance Studio is one of the best Chinese dance studio on the west coast with awards winning performance nationally and internationally.






Fearfully Made

Fearfully Made are made of a group of older teens who are related to each other and all parts friends with exploding talent! Siblings Hudson and Harrison pair with Jonathan to comprise their epic rock sound. With styles ranging from pop punk, classic rock to goth, grunge and NU metal, Fearfully Made is a force to be reckoned with. Fearfully Made has performed at venues including ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, Boomers, and The Del Mar Kids’ Expo.




The Fluorescent Grizzlies

Fluorescent Grizzlies have been a band since 2012. The group loves playing many styles of music and have performed together more than twenty times. They have performed in venues such as The House of Blues, The San Diego County Fair, and the Point Loma Summer Concerts. Some of their favorite artists that they enjoy covering are Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, and many other Top 40’s artists. Their ages range from 12-16 years old.


The Week Before

They are a new band that has been together for only around 4 months, but they have each been with RMC over 4 years, and is now one of our more advanced older groups. They enjoy playing many styles of music.







The Wild Californians

The Wild Californians have been together for two years. This group loves playing many styles of music and have performed together over a dozen times at venues including The Hard Rock Cafe, Boomers, ARTS DISTRICT Liberty Station, street fairs, and private events. Some of their favorite artists that they enjoy covering are AC/DC, Michael Jackson, Prince, and Tom Petty. The average age of the group is 11 years old. Although they are young, they have a big established sound and are sure to entertain any audience!