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A Salute to Veterans

Parade Grand Marshal

Posted on November 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Grand Marshal – Lieutenant Commander, Robert Brown

Lieutenant Commander, Robert Brown was born September 23, 1917 and is now 100 years old. Lt. Commander Brown is here today as our 2017 Grand Marshall and is joined by one of his daughter’s, Sally Holmen, to help celebrate the Parade Band Foundation’s tribute to the many Military personnel who have served, and to the current Military, and their families who continue to serve & sacrifice for our Country.

Lt. Commander Brown joined the Navy in 1935 and has served aboard the USS Cincinnati, USS Colorado, USS Astoria & the USS Galveston. Lt. Commander Brown specialized in Advanced, and secretive Cryptography, and is partly responsible for decoding many of the secret transmissions that took place during WWII. He & his wife and two daughters have seen most of the world, having been stationed Stateside in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii; Long Beach; Norfolk, Virginia; Rockville, Maryland; Washington D.C. and right here in San Diego! Overseas assignments included various locations in the Pacific, Paris, France; and Japan.

After retiring from the Navy in 1965, Lt. Commander Brown and his wife Olive moved to Rancho Bernardo. He has stayed incredibly healthy in part because he continues to swim 6 days every week, and square dances with the “Promonaders” every Thursday. He has been an avid golfer and up until just recently, proudly held an 8 handicap. One of the nicest & kindest people you’d ever meet, Lt. Commander “Bob” Brown is part of, and a wonderful tribute to the “Greatest Generation” to have ever lived.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome and say hello to our Grand Marshal, Lieutenant Commander “Bob” Brown!